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Reed DiffuserBeautifully Gift Boxed
Reed Diffuser Sale price$35.00
Jsala Reed Diffuser Oil 250ml refillJsala Reed Diffuser Oil 200ml refill
Reed Diffuser Refill Sale price$25.00
Glass Apothecary jar with Coconut Lime fragranced candle by Jsala Soy CandlesApothecary Candle - Coconut Lime
Apothecary Candle - Coconut Lime Sale priceFrom $13.00
Glass Apothecary jar with Champa Flower fragranced candle by Jsala Soy CandlesApothecary Candle - Caramel Vanilla
White Illumination Candle by Jsala Soy CandlesWhite Illumination Candle sitting on brown wrapping paper with ribbon
Black Illumination Candle from Jsala Soy CandlesBlack Illumination candle sitting next to succulent on marble platter on side table
Glass Apothecary jar with Chai Latte fragranced candleApothecary Candle - Chai Latte
Apothecary Candle - Chai Latte Sale priceFrom $13.00
Glass Apothecary jar with Pink Sugar fragranced candleApothecary Candle - Pink Sugar
Apothecary Candle - Pink Sugar Sale priceFrom $13.00
Clear ribbed candle glassware with white lid.Jsala ribbed glassware candle sitting on table with white lid leaning against it. Sprig of wattle placed next to it.
Glass Apothecary jar with Cucumber, Ginger and Mint fragranced candle by Jsala Soy CandlesApothecary Candle - Cucumber Ginger Mint
Jsala Soy Candles Apothecary candle in Very Vanilla scent.Apothecary Candle - Very Vanilla
Apothecary Candle - Very Vanilla Sale priceFrom $13.00
Soy Melts - Caramel VanillaImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Caramel Vanilla scent.
A reed diffuser is a simple and elegant way to envelope a space with constant fragrance. Made from high quality glass with exceptional clarity, a great addition to any home and gifting. Boxed beautifully for gifting.
Soy Melts - Coconut LimeImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Coconut Lime scent.
Soy Melts - Coconut Lime Sale price$6.00
Glass Apothecary jar with Fresh Cut Roses fragranced candle by Jsala Soy CandlesApothecary Candle - Fresh Coffee
Apothecary Candle - Fresh Coffee Sale priceFrom $13.00
Unveil the enigma within a mystery bag of 20 tea lights in a masculine aftershave scent. Each flickering flame carries the intrigue of distinct cologne notes, shrouding your space in a captivating blend of aromas that evoke a sense of intrigue and sophistication.
Illumination Candle By Jsala - PinkIllumination Candle By Jsala - Pink
Glass Apothecary jar with Buttered Caramel Popcorn fragranced candle by Jsala Soy CandlesSmall glass Apothecary jar filled with Buttered Caramel Popcorn candle by Jsala Soy Candles
Soy Melts - Musk SticksImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Musk Sticks scent.
Soy Melts - Musk Sticks Sale price$6.00
Soy Melts - Pumpkin Vanilla Waffle
Jsala Ribbed glassware candle with black lid.Clear Ribbed Glass Candle - Black Lid
Soy Melts - Pink SugarImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Pink Sugar scent.
Soy Melts - Pink Sugar Sale price$6.00
Soy Melts - Buttercream CrunchSoy Melts - Buttercream Crunch
Each diffuser comes gift boxed with a set of fibre reeds. Approximately lasting for up to 12 - 18months. They are made with high quality fragrance oils.Amber Reed Diffuser
Amber Reed Diffuser Sale price$35.00
Soy Melts - Butterscotch Brûlée
Soy Melts - Very VanillaImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Very Vanilla scent.
Soy Melts - Very Vanilla Sale price$6.00
Soy Melts - Buttered Caramel PopcornImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Buttered Caramel Popcorn scent.
Soy Melts - Pumpkin Vanilla PieImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Pumpkin Vanilla Pie scent.
Soy Melts - Baby Powder
Soy Melts - Baby Powder Sale price$6.00
The essence of a cosy evening spent in a dimly lit whiskey lounge. The smoky allure of whiskey is paired with rich tones of roasted coffee beans and vanilla cream.
Ribbed candle glassware with a pink lid.Jsala ribbed glassware candle with pink lid sitting on a table with book and vase.
Soy Melts - Oaked Aged WhiskeyImage of packaged Jsala Soy Candles Melt in Oaked Aged Whiskey scent.
Delight in sugared, crumbling shortbread with a velvety vanilla buttercream. Star anise and buttermilk are combined for a decandent, smooth aroma with a hint of warmth and spice. Gourmand notes of marzipan, creamy vanilla and almond linger.
Soy Melts - Pane di CasaSoy Melts - Pane di Casa
Soy Melts - Pane di Casa Sale price$6.00
Smoked Coffee Whiskey - <strong>Notes:</strong> Top notes are bergamot; middle notes are coffee beans, vanilla and vetiver; base notes are cedarwood, leather and amber.
A warm, nutty caramel fragrance. Top notes of caramelized brown sugar, middle notes of milk accords, clove, buttery honey and bottom notes of toasty chestnut, hints of clove and pine cedarwood.