Mystery Bag of Tea Lights - Perfume


Feeling brave? Why not try a mystery bag of our gorgeous tea lights!
This bag contains 20 tea lights - all are the same perfume-based mystery scent.

The perfume companies don't like it if we mention their perfume brands so we have decided to offer the perfume scents we have as mystery tea lights. They are well known and popular scents, it's just a gamble which one you get!

Due to the popularity of this product we have had to limit the number available to purchase to one per customer order. 

Our soy wax tea lights will fill your home with fragrance and the soft, warm glow lighting. Our tea lights are perfect for perfuming your home with your desired scent. They also offer versatility as you can change scents from one day to the next, letting you create the right ambience. We hand pour in small batches into polycarbonate cups made from the highest grade heat resistant plastic tea light cups.

Quantity: 20 per bag

Dimensions: 39mm wide, 18mm high

Burn Time: Approximately 5 hours

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