Candle Care Kit - Black

Our Candle Care Kits are an essential for any candle lover!
The perfect add-on to complete a candle gift.

WICK DIPPER STICK -Extinguish your candle by pushing the wick into the pool of hot wax. This method of snuffing eliminates wick smouldering and smoking, keeping your house free of smoky residue and odours while priming your wick with soy wax ready for the next lighting.

CANDLE SNUFFER – A candle snuffer is used to extinguish a candle – gently lower the bell onto the candle flame until the bottom of the bell makes light contact with the wax pool. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds and lift off. The flame should be extinguished with no afterglow.

WICK TRIMMER – To use, simply trim the head of the wick once the soy wax is cooled off to 5mm. This is encouraged to eliminate soot developing on the glass, smoking and excessive “mushrooming” of the wicks. Keeping your candle wick trimmed results in a cleaner, longer and safer candle burn.

Tray: 96mmW x 230mmL

Wick Trimmer Dimensions: 60mmW x 180mmL

Snuffer Dimensions: 24mmW x 190mmL (full length extended) // Handle 158mm x 7mm x 4mm

Dipper Dimensions: 17mmW x 200mmL

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