Agate Standing Tea Light Holder with Tea Lights - Blue


All the tea lights will be supplied in the same mystery scent.

The latest addition to our Crystal Tea Light range is the Standing dyed Agate. The tea light is nestled deep inside the pieces meaning they appear to glow when the tea light is lit.

These are slices of Agate that have been dyed and are spectacular. The slices are approximately 90 - 150mm in height.
Each one is unique and have been listed individually so you can choose the exact one you like. Occlusions, fissures, cracks and flaws are part and parcel of these items.

Agates are most commonly found as nodules within the cavities of volcanic rocks. These cavities are formed from the gases trapped within the liquid volcanic material forming vesicles.

Agate is highly regarded as a stabilising and strengthening influence.

Our soy wax tea lights will fill your home with fragrance and the soft, warm glow lighting. Our tea lights are perfect for perfuming your home with your desired scent. They also offer versatility as you can change scents from one day to the next, letting you create the right ambience. We hand pour in small batches into polycarbonate cups made from the highest grade heat resistant plastic tea light cups.

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